N-Series 1.2 - 3 KW PSW

N-Series 1.2 - 3 KW PSW

Brief introductions:
N series pure sine wave inverter adopts the design of advanced high-frequency pulse-width modulation technology and microcomputer control technology. It has many good points, including high reliability, complete protection function, small waveform distortion, low price, etc. It can convert the 12V/24V48VDC power supply into the purity sine wave AC power supply of voltage stabilizing, frequency stabilizing and low noise of 220V and 50Hz. This product has higher conversion efficiency(can reach up to above 80% under the full load) and very strong nonlinear load drive capacity, and simultaneously implement the inspection and monitoring to input voltage & current and output voltage & current; therefore, it realizes the maintenance function of unattended operation. which is applied to SPC exchanger, computer room, network, billing server, accident lighting and other places that have the 12V-48V (or-48V) DC dynamic (DC screen). 

Key features:
►Pure sine wave output
►RS232/USB local monitoring available
►Superior performance from CPU controlled technology
►Wide range input voltage, accurate output, AVR function
►Inner equipped protection of overload, short circuit, over voltage, low voltage over heating etc
►Concise LED indicators and that can be upgraded to LCD
►Generator compatible and external battery connection achievable
►Intelligent battery management with protection against over-charged and over-discharged etc
►Max 15A automatic 3-stage battery charger

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